Olivier Perret

MA (Master of Arts): Ancient History (Latin & Ancient Greek)

Loving to discover and to share my discoveries, at ease either with letters or with numbers, I have proven experience in teaching, coaching, administrative management, banking-insurance advice, customer care, as well as in historical and archaeological research.

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El que busca la verdad corre el riesgo de encontrarla.

Manuel VINCENT, Spanish writer

Does SATOR Square confirm the Textus receptus ?


Advice from the SATOR Square


Revelations of the SATOR Square




The Stars of SATOR Square

2018.10.27 revised on 2019.03.03

The SATOR ROTAS Square of Pompeii: a Graffiti like no Others

2018.03.31 - revised on 2018.09.20

Our Cultural Origins: Rome, Athens and Jerusalem

2017.10.28 - revised on 2018.09.16

Do You Know the SATOR Square?

2017.03.30 - revised on 2018.09.14

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... in Spanish in Web Oficial de la Publicación Digital de Historia y Arqueología:

2020.01.28:  https://www.historiayarqueologia.com/2020/01/sator-e-ichtys.html (Historia/Noticias)

2018.05.07: https://www.historiayarqueologia.com/2018/05/el-cuadrado-sator-rotas-de-pompeya-un.html (Enigmas/Historia/Noticias)

2018.02.13: https://www.historiayarqueologia.com/2018/02/nuestros-origenes-culturales-roma.html (Historia/Noticias)

2017.11.13: https://www.historiayarqueologia.com/2017/11/conoce-el-cuadrado-sator.html  (Historia/Noticias)

... and in Spanish also in Revista de Historia (short version):

2017.11.16: https://revistadehistoria.es/el-misterio-del-cuadrado-sator/ (Antigua)